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The new version of the Diamond Fly – something really special

Slim, featherlight, perfectly finished and wonderful to look at, these rods actually conceal their real ­value deep inside – within their extraordinary blank. It is not their action or technology what theses rods have in common – it is their perfection! The individual design and choice of material means that every individual blank has been gifted with its own unique and un­mistakeable character.

The extremely lightweight class 3 creek rod from the SPORTEX Diamond Fly series presents the smallest dry flies as gently as a feather, and is just long enough to allow heavy nymphs to drift through the rapids of a wild spring creek on a long arm.

Diamond Fly

The class 4 model

The class 4 Diamond Fly was designed with the demanding grayling fisher in mind. The slim blank is calm and smooth, giving easy and harmonious casting. When lifting, the tip immediately passes on a gentle tug on the hook, with the result that it sets rapidly and securely in the soft mouth of the grayling.

The parabolic blank then ensures that the drill-like impacts of the typical grayling attempt at escape can be securely cushioned.

The class 5 model

The class 5 model, in 9 ft format, can truly be described as a well-balanced all-rounder. Even less practised fly fishers become hugely enthusiastic about the compliant blank. They cast narrower loops and bring their flies on target with more precision and fewer empty casts.

The class 6 model

In class 6, a perceptibly more dynamic spirit in the blank comes into effect, which transforms powerful double pulls into clean, precise casts with streamers or heavy nymphs – ideal for fishing for large trout or barbel.

Class 7 and 8 models

Thanks to the extremely high-quality materials and a very clever design, the blanks in classes 7 and 8 are the absolute lightweights in their cate­gory, and are unbelievably fast and powerful in pulling through.

Large pike streamers are rapidly brought to distance with few empty casts, and can be lifted from the surface of the water again with no effort at all, together with the line. Both rods are completely saltwaterproof, and perform at their best under the roughest conditions – free of fatigue and with absolute performance.

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Art-No. Model Length cm Length ft Piec. Transp. length Casts Tolerance Rod weight Guides Price* euro
210213 FL2103 210 cm 7 4 57 cm 3g - 69 g 8 279,00 €
210263 FL2603 260 cm 8‘6‘‘ 4 74 cm 3g - 71 g 10 289,00 €
210264 FL2604 260 cm 8‘6‘‘ 4 74 cm 4g - 74 g 10 299,00 €
210265 FL2605 260 cm 8‘6‘‘ 4 69 cm 5g - 82 g 10 319,00 €
210274 FL2704 275 cm 9 4 73 cm 4g - 84 g 11 325,00 €
210275 FL2705 275 cm 9 4 74 cm 5g - 85 g 11 339,00 €
210276 FL2706 275 cm 9 4 74 cm 6g - 91 g 11 339,00 €
210279 FL2707 275 cm 9 4 74 cm 7g - 94 g 11 349,00 €
210309 FL3008 300 cm 9‘9‘‘ 4 74 cm 8g - 106 g 12 369,00 €

*recommended retail price

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