High-tech for your passion

High-tech for your passion

There’s nothing in the world to compare with a SPORTEX rod. It owes its legendary reputation to the power of innovation and the unique technology which for decades has set standards worldwide. Today, our rods are a byword for reliability and master craftsmanship.

Our rods are symbols of quality and long service, attributes which are becoming ever more important in these days of fast-paced living. It is with pride that we can say that SPORTEX rods have excited generations of anglers with their reliability in demanding situations and their incredibly long life.

Sustained research with new materials and material combinations are the bedrock. No other rod manufacturer can take advantage of such a wide range of materials for rod production.

What makes SPORTEX rods so unique?

They are not simply uniform rods ‘off the peg’

Every rod is an individual creation, even within the same series, adjusted in length, action and component composition to suit the particular casting weight, distance and anticipated twist.

For rods without compromise only components without compromise will suffice

Anyone who wants to be a world leader when it comes to making rods cannot allow for compromise. This means that SPORTEX rods are made with the best components in their class, such as original FUJI guides and the latest generation of FUJI reel holders, natural cork of premium class AAA, and wear-resistant Duplon of the highest grade.

A special lacquer paint is used for the partial or total coating of the rods, which is elastic and impact resistant, providing protection for years to come as well as a strikingly good appearance.

We stand by our products – and that’s guaranteed!

Our quality control procedures meet the highest possible demands, whether it is the selection of the material and components specific to the rod, the painstaking checking during the manufactu-ring process of the blanks or the ongoing inspections at the rod make-up stage.

Every SPORTEX rod is an exquisitely crafted quality product. And we, the manufacturers, stand by that with our
10-year blank guarantee*.

*Add-on parts such as guides and reel holders are covered by the statutory 2-year guarantee

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