Innovation and technical know-how

Longstanding practical experience

Every SPORTEX rod is the result of long years of practical experience and innovative technical know-how.

Our technical knowledge has grown over the decades. In the Fifties, we were renowned for the honey-coloured fibreglass blanks which set countless records in casting distance and precision. And when innovative carbon fibre materials arrived, we were among the first to recognise their potential for making rods, and put them to use. Thanks to our own SPORTEX HT-Cross Winding blank technology, our rods are unique in their combination of strength, lightness and speed.

Innovative technologies

At the heart of every agile SPORTEX fishing rod are…

… the right fibres and the innovative processing under which they go.

We use only the latest and highest quality carbon fibres for our rods, sourced from the leading manufacturers. What makes our knowledge and skills so special is how we achieve the specific mixture of the most varied materials, such as highly modulated carbon fibres, Kevlar®, Boron or Zylon, and merge them into a frictional force-closed combination. This enables us to exploit the advantages of the individual fibre materials, such as flexural strength and tensile strength, lightness, impact resistance, speed and resistance to breakage in optimum combinations. And the result? Rods tailored individually to specific types of fishing and angling techniques, with the fast action typical of SPORTEX qualities which inspire champion anglers all over the world.


SPORTEX technology of the future – today.

The Sportex Helicore®Blank is a masterpiece in rod building, unifying the best possible features in all disciplines. The new technology is a strict development of SPORTEX’s proprietary HT Cross Winding process, taking into account the latest in material science and manufacturing technology.

The result: incredibly light and fast blanks that are more sensitive but at least as robust, strong and long lasting as millions of fishermen worldwide know it from SPORTEX. It simply fishes better than any other blank used in today’s rods.

When casting, you will feel the difference: Post-pulse oscillation is dramatically reduced and the blank loads up to 20% more energy – resulting in longer and more targeted casting.

The benchmark in rod building – just moved forward!

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