Spinning Rods

SPORTEX Spinning rods – Dynamics Specialists Love.

Lightness, speed and tremendous dynamics. That’s what really sets our rods apart.

Casting and fishing is their mission and rhey reach perfection. Fatigue-free casting, direct contact and excellent control is what these super slim blanks perform at its best! Rivers, lakes or even sea – catch a real big one and your SPORTEX will do the job for sure. Look out for the new Carat GT-S, Genium, Black Arrow G-3 and Neowave  series in particular.
These top-class rods are pushing back the boundaries like nothing that has gone before.

Flex of our predator rods you will find here.

Beyond Spin

Revolt Spin

Graphenon Spin

TiBoron Extend

Sportex Air Spin - Angelrute

AIR Spin

Absolut NT

Magnific Finesse

Sportex STYX-2 - Angelrute


Carat GT-S

Black Arrow G-3

Captor Spin

Sportex Hydra Speed - Angelrute

Hydra Speed

Sportex Curve Spin - Angelrute

Curve Spin


Sportex Nova - Angelrute


Sportex Nova Twitch - Angelrute

Nova Twitch

Black Pearl GT-3


Kev Nitro


Huchen de Lux XT

Sportex Salmon de Luxe - Angelrute

Salmon De Luxe Travel

Sportex Avon de Luxe - Angelrute

Avon de Luxe

Youngstar NT

Spinn Travel Rods

Graphenon Travel Ultra

Black Pearl GT-3 Travel

Sportex Nova Travel - Angelrute

Nova Travel

Nova Jerk Travel

Nova Ultra Light Travel

Sportex Salmon de Luxe - Angelrute

Salmon De Luxe Travel

Carat GT-S Travel

Carp Rods

SPORTEX Carp rods – Throwing machines for almost limitless distances.

Pure elegance, the very latest in blank technology, and the ultimate in quality fittings. This is what sets our carp rods apart.
Whether you’re after a tricky character well off in the distance or a right fat toughie closer in, or even stalking the pair of them, we have the rod you need. The semi-parabolic action of the blanks, made of the very finest carbon fibre materials, makes for the perfect deployment of power when the hard work – and the fun – really begins.
These are rods developed for people looking for something special.


Flex of Carp rods you will find here.

Beyond Carp

Revolt Carp

Graphenon Carp

Impressive Carp

Sportex Intense Carp - Angelrute

Intense Carp

Purista XTF


Sportex Morion ST - Angelrute

Morion ST

Sportex DNA - Angelrute

D.N.A. Carp


Catapult CS-3

Sportex Paragon Carp - Angelrute

Paragon Carp

Competition Carp CS-4

Touron Carp

Triumph Carp

Advancer Carp

Catfish Rods

SPORTEX Catfish rods – Power for when the going gets tough

The blank of the SPORTEX catfish rod is made of top quality HM/IM carbon fibre material in conjunction with HT-Cross-Winding technology, which gives each rod tremendous stability and power. Our rods are specifically matched to particular situations, whether it’s boat fishing, jigging, buoy fishing or spinner angling.
This means you always have the right rod for the job in hand. The new Turbo Cat series proofs this successfully.
As an angler, you never have to worry about the rod in your hand. Instead you can concentrate fully on what’s really important: finding – and catching – those fish.


Spin + Boat + Boje


Feeder + Vertical + Inliner

Top Cat

Sea Rods

SPORTEX Sea rods – Power packages for the big fight.

When it comes to handling the big boys of the world’s oceans, SPORTEX sea fishing rods are the perfect partners. Whether you’re lure fishing, trolling, drifting or surf angling, the specially adapted lightweight blanks with the HT-Cross-Winding®technology have the powerful fast action you need to set you up for success. All the rods have an extremely tough reel holder, top quality SIC guides, and ergonomically adjusted handles made of the best Duplon material.

With their combined features, these are real masterpieces for sea fishing from land or boat, with artificial and natural baits.

Magnus Mastergrade

Sportex Magnus Mastergrade Surf - Angelrute

Magnus Mastergrade Surf

Sportex Magnus - Angelrute



Jigging + Boat + Spin


Surf + Trolling + Feeder


Sea Travel Rods

Sportex Magnus Travel Boat - Angelrute

Magnus Travel Boat

Sportex Magnus Travel Jigging - Angelrute

Magnus Travel Jigging

Sportex Magnus Travel Spin - Angelrute

Magnus Travel Spin

Neptoon Travel

Neptoon Inliner Travel

Coarse Rods

SPORTEX Coarse rods – Fast and light for playing fish perfectly.

When we designed our rods for coarse fishing, we made sure to use materials that are extremely light – and extremely tough. The slim and very lightweight blanks made of optimized HM carbon fibre material ensure that the rods provide a really fast and powerful action, allowing you to reliably steer even the biggest fish out of the current to where you want them. And the specially developed sensitive tips signal every single take, leading to more landings. These are our very best rods, your partners for success with coarse fish in lakes or rivers.

Xclusive Feeder NT

Sportex Exclusive Method Feeder - Angelrute

Exclusive Method Feeder

Xclusive Match

Sportex Xclusive Float - Angelrute

Xclusive Float NT

Xclusive Barbel

Coregonum XTL

Rapid Feeder Series

Rapid Series

Trout Rods

X-Act Trout

Sportex Tremarella - Angelrute


Mystix Trout

Sportex Exclusive Trout - Angelrute

Xclusive Trout

Fly Rods

Synoris Fly

Kyanite Fly


Predator landing nets

Landing Nets

Duffel Bag

Rod cases

Rod cases and bags


T-Shirts and Longsleeve Shirts


Base Caps

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