Brillant Carp V2

Sportex Brillant Carp V2

Brillant Carp V2 – the slim power package!

The Brillant Carp set the standards in quality and reliability, so when we came to create this new version we focused on making the rod even faster and even more powerful. To achieve this, we have used an entirely new high-modulus carbon material. During manufacture, the carbon fibres are compressed by a special process, which gives them even greater tensile strength.

Thanks to the use of this high quality carbon material, less epoxy resin is needed, and that gives the rod more speed, more flexibility, and, above all, lightness. The advantages are obvious: an extremely thin and stable blank; long, precise casts; and a powerful action when the fish is being played.

The rods are fitted with top quality original FUJI SIC long-casting K-guides, which reliably prevent the line from getting caught around the guides during casting. The Brillant V2 also has a specially milled reel seat made of aluminium, with FUJI components.

Brillant Features
  • Model Art.-No. Length cm Length ft Pcs. Transp. Length cm Cast. gr. Rod weight gr. Guides RRP*
    Brillant Carp 12″ 2,75 lb 142270 366 12 2 187 2,75 lb 344 6 539,00€
    Brillant Carp 12″ 3,00 lb 142300 366 12 2 187 3,00 lb 355 6 569,00€
    Brillant Carp 10″ 3,50 lb 142301 300 10 2 156 3,50 lb 293 6 479,00€
    Brillant Carp 13″ 3,50 lb 142350 396 13 2 203 3,50 lb 425 6 619,00€

    *Recommended retail price

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SPORTEX Brilliant Carp V2 – Neuheit 2016

Vorstellung der neuen Brillant Carp V2 – Neuheit für 2016 durch SPORTEX Produktmanager Armin Brunner.

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