Sportex Catapult

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Catapult Carp

The focus in the development of the Catapult Carp Series was placed firmly on longer casting distances. The high-modulus carbon material used now makes the new blank even slimmer and faster. During casting, the improved loading characteristics of the blank help to catapult the rig over even greater distances.

The rods naturally have all the strength in the backbone needed to tire the fish rapidly, and sufficient damping characteristics to reduce loss of fish. They are fitted with a FUJI reel seat and high quality SIC guides, as well as very fine, slim and durable ‘Shrink’ Duplon handles on the hand section.

Catapult Spod

To keep the fish in the swim, it’s important to feed them regularly. And to enable this to be done at substantial distances from the bank, we have developed our Spod rods. To achieve the most precise and long-distance casts without major effort, the rods have excellent loading properties and are fitted with large high quality SIC guides (50mm butt guide).

This means that the line can glide through the guides when casting without any significant friction. The Catapult Spod models come in 13ft lengths, at 5.5lbs and 8lbs. The Catapult Spod at 8lbs has been particularly designed to deliver substantial quantities of feed at long distances (such as with the large Spomb). During casting tests with conventional feed rockets, this rod achieved casting distances of more than 150 metres.

Catapult Marker

This rod is exactly what you need to help learn about the riverbed or lake bed. This is a real advantage, especially on waters where boats are not permitted. The large SIC guide arrangement (50mm butt guide) and the optimised loading behaviour of the rod allow for long, precise casts with the sensor weight and marker.

The blank, with its extreme sensitivity, conveys information about the contours and condition of the bottom. A sliding rubber ring allows for an individual measurement length to be adjusted, so as to be able to determine the depth of the water more easily.

Catapult Stalker

The Catapult Stalker rods have the same blank and fittings as our Catapult Carp series, but they have been specially designed for use when space is restricted. For this reason the length and the action of the rods have been adapted so as to enhance the excellent damping properties of the blank even further. This ensures that the blank can be relied upon every time to absorb the effects of the carp fighting back, which can be extremely stressful, especially over short distances

Catapult Boat

With a length of only 9.2ft. at 3 lbs or 3.5lbs, these rods are ideally suited for carp fishing from a boat. When it comes to casting rigs or getting a hooked fish into the landing net, the advantages of the shorter length soon become very obvious – and very welcome. Thanks to the semi-parabolic action of the blank, there is always enough power in the backbone of the rod to tire even the strongest fish, and do it fast. The Catapult Boat series also has a FUJI DPS reel seat, top quality SIC guides, and a continuous ‘Shrink’ Duplon handle on the handle.

Catapult Features
  • Catapult Carp

    Model Art.-No. Length cm Length ft Pcs. Transp. Length cm Cast. gr. Rod weight gr. Guides RRP*
    Catapult Carp 12′ 2,75lb 143270 365 12 2 187 2,75 lb 285 6 164,95€
    Catapult Carp 12′ 3,00lb 143301 365 12 2 187 3,00 lb 309 6 179,95€
    Catapult Carp 12′ 3,25lb 143326 365 12 2 187 3,25 lb 329 6 189,95€
    Catapult Carp 12′ 3,75lb 143370 365 12 2 187 3,75 lb 379 6 199,95€
    Catapult Carp 13′ 3,75lb 143353 395 13 2 203 3,75 lb 392 6 219,95€

    Catapult Spod

    Model Art.-No. Length cm Length ft Pcs. Transp. Length cm Cast. gr. Rod weight gr. Guides RRP*
    Spod 13′  5,50lbs. 143551 395 13 2 203 5,50 lbs. 432 6 229,95€
    Spod 13′  8,00lbs. 143559 395 13 2 203 8,00 lbs. 492 6 239,95€

    Catapult Marker

    Model Art.-No. Length cm Length ft Pcs. Transp. Length cm Cast. gr. Rod weight gr. Guides RRP*
    Marker 12,6′ 4,25lb 143553 385 12,6 2 195 4,25 lb 400 6 224,95€

    Catapult Stalker

    Model Art.-No. Length cm Length ft Pcs. Transp. Length cm Cast. gr. Rod weight gr. Guides RRP*
    Stalker 10′ 3,00lb 143330 300 10 2 156 3,00 lb 245 7 162,95€
    Stalker 11′ 3,00lb 143331 330 11 2 172 3,00 lb 255 7 172,95€

    Catapult Boat

    Model Art.-No. Length cm Length ft Pcs. Transp. Length cm Cast. gr. Rod weight gr. Guides RRP*
    Boat 9,2′ 3,00lb 143290 282 9,2 2 143 3,00 lb 213 7 162,95€
    Boat 9,2′ 3,50lb 143291 282 9,2 2 143 3,50 lb 258 7 172,95€

    *Recommended retail price

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