Magnus Master­grade Surf

Sportex Magnus Mastergrade Surf

Extra-large distances in beach casting!

This new longer-distance hunter model for surfcasting has been developed in close cooperation with a very experienced surf casting professional. These exceptional rods use a very fast and powerful blank made of Japanese high-performance carbon, with excellent loading capacities for extra long casts. This allows the casting of weights of more than 200g, without the rod being overloaded. The ideal casting weight for reaching the maximum casting distance is 150g-180g.

To achieve best possible bite recognition, the rod has been fitted with a highly sensitive tip enhanced by coloured markings. The integrated SICAnti-Tangle K-rings allow the line to glide through without any noticeable friction resistance during casting, and can be relied on to prevent any tangling around the guide frame. A type 40 first guide avoids any line tangling during the cast.

On top of this, the Mastergrade Series uses the tried and trusted S.B.S. balance system and a FUJI thrust reel seat, which keeps the reel snug and securely in place. Thanks to slip-resistant surfaces at the connection points, the rod can be taken apart easily when the time comes to pack things away. The new three-piece Magnus Mastergrade Surf comes in lengths of 4.2m and 4.5m, with a casting weight of 150g-250g. The 4.5m model is particularly suited to raising even big cod from the sea bottom.

Magnusmastergradesurf Features
  • Model Art.-No. Length cm Length ft Pcs. Transp. Length cm Cast. gr. Rod weight gr. Guides RRP*
    SU4231 113431 420 14 3 147 150-250g 748 6 424,95€
    SU4531 113451 450 15 3 158 150-250g 820 7 464,95€

    *Recommended retail price

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SPORTEX Magnus Mastergrade Surf – Neuheit 2017

Vorstellung der neuen SPORTEX Magnus Mastergrade Surf Brandungsrute durch SPORTEX Produktmanager Armin Brunner.

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