Rapid Method Feeder

Sportex Rapid Method Feeder

Our new float rods have a very good price-performance ratio. They are designed for universal float fishing for species such as tench, bream, young carp fry and so on. They are also ideal for fishing with Spirolinos or Bombardas for trout. The blank, made from HM carbon fibre material, has a powerful backbone with a fast, sensitive tip. Its very good casting properties allow for long, well-targeted casts.

The Rapid Float is available in the lengths of 3.3m, 3.6m and 3.9m with casting weights of 10 g – 40 g.

Rapidmethodfeeder Features
  • Model Art.-No. Length cm Length ft Pcs. Transp. Length cm Cast. gr. Rod weight gr. Guides RRP*
    MF3622 135362 370 12 2 189cm 10-40 222g 16 199,95€

    *Recommended retail price

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