Sportex FBC

A new era begins!

The extremely successful and popular ‘old’ FBC series of rods have caught thousands of carp all over the world, but now it’s time to give them a complete upgrade. Certainly a rod like this carries obligations, and that’s why the new FBC Carp rods are so impressive with their elegant finish and enormous action, which they draw from our pioneering new Helicore blank on a nano base.

When the blank is manufactured, a special resin is used, which is mixed with minute nanoparticles. These tiny particles bond the carbon fibres almost entirely free of any gaps, which leads to an almost 30% higher loading capacity of the blank.

This blank technology has previously only been used among SPORTEX carp rods in the ONE Series. The perfect loading properties of the lightweight blank allow for long, precise casts, which means that even spots at long distances can be reached with minimal effort.

As well as this, the Helicore blank has extremely good damping properties, which help to reduce loss of fishover the last few metres of play. The progressive power transmission of the semi-parabolic blank gives the rod more than enough power to keep the fish away from obstacles and cause it to tire rapidly when being played.

All FBC models are provided with a very light but stable reel seat made of aluminium, top-quality SIC guides and slim Duplon handles.

FBC Features
  • FBC Carp

    Model Art.-No. Length cm Length ft Pcs. Transp. Length cm Cast. gr. Rod weight** gr. Guides RRP*
    FBC Carp 12′ 2,75lb 141270 366 12 2 188 2,75 lbs 315 6 339,95€
    FBC Carp 12,5′ 3,00lb 141300 380 12,5 2 195 3,00 lbs 349 6 369,95€
    FBC Carp 12,5′ 3,25lb 141320 380 12,5 2 195 3,25 lbs 347 6 394,95€
    FBC Carp 13′ 3,50lb 141350 396 13 2 203 3,50 lbs 425 6 409,95€

    FBC Stalker

    Model Art.-No. Length cm Length ft Pcs. Transp. Length cm Cast. gr. Rod weight** gr. Guides RRP*
    FBC Stalker 10″ 3,00lb 141301 300 10 2 155 3,00 lbs 267 6 309,95€
    FBC Stalker 11″ 2,75lb 141330 330 11 2 172 2,75 lbs 282 6 334,95€

    *Recommended retail price
    **Due to production tolerance, the actual rod weight may vary up to 8%


150 150 Sportex :: Der Maßstab im Rutenbau

SPORTEX Wurfweitentest F.B.C. Carp Rutenserie

In diesen Video vergleicht unser Teamfischer Jürgen Nagel die F.B.C Carp Rutenserie. Bei den vier Ruten handelt es sich um: FBC Carp 12″ 2,75 lbs FBC Carp 12,5″ 3,00 lbs FBC Carp 12,5″ 3,25 lbs FBC Carp 13″ 3,50 lbs Die oben aufgeführten Ruten wurden alle mit einem 92 Gramm Blei geworfen.

150 150 Sportex :: Der Maßstab im Rutenbau

Sportex FBC Carp – Neuheit 2016

Kurzvorstellung der neuen FBC Carp / FBC Stalker Karpfenruten – Neuheit 2016 durch SPORTEX Produktmanager Armin Brunner.

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