Manufacturer – Warranty terms and conditions for SPORTEX Blanks

Extended warranty for the Sportex Blank

Ockert GmbH offers an extended manufacturer’s warranty on its SPORTEX-branded blanks. From the date of purchase, we are responsible for a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for material and processing defects in and on the blank – no ifs or buts.

Requirements for the warranty to be effective

We kindly ask you to note that the following requirements need to be met:

  1. Every buyer should register their purchase within 30 days. This can be done online at
    Please keep your proof of purchase in a safe place. We recommended you make a copy to prevent the document from fading. The sales slip, or its copy, should be included when submitting a warranty. It helps to considerably speed up processing when you also enclose your registration confirmation.
  2. Our extended manufacturer’s warranty applies only for each original buyer. Transfer to third parties is excluded. The extended warranty only applies to the SPORTEX rod blank. Components, such as guides, reel seat, windings, varnish, hook keepers, cork, EVA, adhesives, end caps etc, are subject to the legal 2-year warranty.
  3. Normal wear and tear, external impacts, weather conditions and incorrect handling are excluded from our warranty. These include, amongst other things, overloading, knocks, crushing, willful damage and improper cleaning. You are responsible for the burden of proof for material and processing defects in and on the blank.
  4. Any repairs, conversions and extensions carried out by an independent or unauthorised party automatically result in the loss of the 10-year blank warranty.
  5. The manufacturer reserves the right to replace outdated products with others that may differ from the original product in colour, material and unique features. The buyer hereby agrees.
  6. The sender bears all the costs incurred in connection with sending the product to Ockert GmbH and is liable, until delivery of the goods at our premises, for any damage caused in transit.
  7. Validity is limited to products purchased in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Products purchased abroad are handled through the distributor responsible. In cases of the latter, please contact us or your specialist dealer from where you made your purchase.
  8. The warranty for the SPORTEX blank is in addition to the statutory consumer protection provisions applicable and does not represent any restriction.

If neither the statutory consumer protection provisions (legal warranty) nor our manufacturer’s warranty apply please contact your local tackle dealer or regional distributer for help.
Any costs and prices may be adjusted without prior notice.